Bogden [a planet of the Star Wars Universe]


Bogden [a planet of the Star Wars Universe]



Fictional flag, designed by Scott Kelly, for a planet in the Star Wars Universe. Scott Kelly, an advertising art director based in London, has created a collection of over 100 flags to represent the planets featured in the Star Wars universe. The planets featured are not only from the franchise’s films but also the comic books, the animated series and video games. No association with or endorsement by the Star Wars franchise is intended or implied. Find out more about Scott Kelly’s work at

Professional quality flag, digitally printed in the UK using high grade knitted polyester.

MrFlag® brand Professional Quality flags are among the most versatile and best value flags on the market in the UK today. Combining quality materials and optimum flying weights, we expect these flags to last as well as sewn flags whilst flying much better at lower wind speeds.

In our view heavier sewn flags appear to last longer only because they spend less time flying in light wind. If another flagmaker claims that sewn flags last longer than printed, challenge them to provide the test data!

Fitted with rope and toggle as standard, Professional Quality flags can be fitted with metal eyelets or a sleeve at no extra charge. Please specify when ordering.

These flags are printed to order to ensure the very latest and most accurate Flag Institute approved designs are always used. Allow 7 days for despatch.

*Choosing the ‘Antifray’ option results in a piece of white netting being sewn to the right edge of the flag. It is commonly held that this netting will fray first thus prolonging the life of a flag, however there is no statistical evidence whatever to back this. We believe it is an unnecessary expense which, in many cases, has the opposite effect to that which is intended. We offer an ‘Antifray’ option ONLY because customers occasionally insist on it. We do not recommend it.

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30x20cm / 12x8in, 46x23cm / 18x9in, 46x30cm / 18x12in, 69x41cm / 27x16in, 91x46cm / 36x18in, 91x62cm / 36x24in / 3x2ft, 114x56cm / 45x22in / 1.25yd, 137x69cm / 54x27in / 1.5yd, 152x91cm / 60x36in / 5x3ft, 183x91cm / 72x36in / 2yd, 183x122cm / 72x48in / 6x4ft, 229x114cm / 90x45in / 2.5yd, 244x152cm / 96x60in / 8x5ft, 274x137cm / 108x54in / 3yd, 366x182cm / 144x72in / 4yd, 457x229cm / 180x90in/ 5yd, 549x274cm / 216x108in / 6yd


Rope and toggle (left edge), Metal eyelets (left edge), 5cm Sleeve (left edge), No fittings (hemmed around)


Standard Flag (No Netting), Fit Netting to right edge


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