Flagpole Maintenance and Servicing

We conduct all aspects of Flagpole Services, including repair and installation on all types of flagpoles, at any height, anywhere, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

We recommend that every flagpole receives a safety inspection every six months to identify and fix any faults or defects before this leads to damage or injury. 

Flagpoles come under the LOLER 1998 regulations – the raising and lowering of materials. This regulation also covers associated fixings and wires, stays, brackets, bolts, hinges and base-plates, all of which are classed as lifting equipment and therefore must be inspected every twelve months although six monthly inspections are recommended, especially in exposed areas or areas that have high levels of footfall or vehicular movement.

Our comprehensive LOLER reports are conducted by qualified personnel who inspect every component of the flagpole, right down to the smallest part, any defects are reported in detail with a list of recommendations.

We offer you a bespoke, professional and competitive service., and work with Local Authorities, companies, organisations and private individuals.

Flagpole Supply & Installation

The flagpoles can be manufactured in a variety of materials and sizes from simple domestic ground sleeve poles, exhibition stands to complex hinge based poles with lockable systems and banner arms.

We supply and fit all sizes of flagpoles to suit our clients personal requirements, no installation is ever the same.

Flagpoles can be installed at ground level, using wall brackets (either straight or angled) or at roof level, the installation is as unique as your requirements

If properly maintained, flagpoles will offer many years of hassle free usage. Our fully trained engineers will work with you to provide the solution that best suits your needs.

Health & Safety

We are fully insured and will provide Risk and Method Statements as required on all installations or maintenance work.


We will never unnecessarily replace a flagpole or component unless absolutely necessary, this reduces landfill, our carbon footprint and cost to the client.

Decommissioned flags can be returned to us for recycling free of charge.

Sales and Enquiries

Contact our flagpole engineers direct on 07305 018 220 or info@flagpole.orgAlternatively, call 01792 650 044 or email info@mrflag.com to reach out to our office-based team (see office hours at the foot of this page).

Our Services

With almost 25 years in the business our technical team has vast experience in the complete range of flagpole installation, inspection and service. Our services include:

  • Flag fitting.
  • Flagpole cleaning.
  • Flagpole repair.
  • Flagpole upgrades.
  • LOLER inspections.
  • Flagpole removal.
  • Decommissioning and “making safe”.
  • Flagpole transportation and re-siting.
  • Emergency repairs.
  • Weather vane repair .
  • Windsock and pole repair.
  • Lightning conductor maintenance.

Coming soon:

  • Aerial surveys.

Flag Care

MrFlag® outdoor quality flags are among the most versatile and best value flags on the market. Manufactured by us to produce optimum flying weights from top quality materials, our printed knitted polyester option is a fantastic combination of fly-ability and durability. For an even more durable option, try our exclusive printed Rhyfelwr™ polyester.

We also make traditional sewn flags. 

The best way to ensure your flag is always looking its best is to have two flags:

  • One flying
  • One clean and in storage for special occasions.

When your spare flag starts to show signs of damage or wear, please contact us to arrange a replacement.


07305 018 220

Call or text us 24/7 for assistance in a hurry.


Not maintaining your flagpoles could affect your insurance in the event of damage, injury or death caused by the preventable failure of a flagpole.

How long do MrFlag flags last?

No flag lasts for ever. Even quality flags as durable and well-made as ours will succumb to high winds. Strong and frequent winds will require you to replace your flag sooner. This is normal wear and tear.

We regularly receive reports of our standard 110-115gsm knitted polyester flags lasting 12-18 months or longer, but this is not the norm and should not be expected. Many customers need to replace their flags every six months or so and most within a year, but in the winter – especially during sustained high winds – this can be much less.

You can increase the life of any flag by taking it down at night, avoiding flying it during periods of severe weather, and also by ensuring that the flagpole is free of rough patches and protrusions upon which the flag can catch.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998

Flagpoles fall within the parameters of the LOLER 1998 regulations.

What is LOLER 1998?

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. You can download a plain English explanation of the full regulations, free, from the Health and Safety Executive.

What does LOLER 1998 require?

To meet the requirements of LOLER 1998, duty holders must:

  • ensure that flagpoles exposed to conditions causing deterioration which could lead to dangerous situations undergoes regular thorough examination by a competent person; 
  • ensure that all supplementary inspections and tests recommended by the competent person are carried out within the timescale stated.

Examples of conditions causing deterioration are wet, abrasive or corrosive environments.

Who are duty holders, and why flagpoles?

If there is a flagpole within the curtilage of a property which you own or operate, you are a 'Duty Holder' for the purposes of LOLER 1998.

Flagpoles fall within the parameters of LOLER 1998 because they are classed as lifting equipment, and indeed require lifting operations to install, maintain and remove.

What is thorough examination?

A thorough examination is a systematic and detailed examination of the flagpole by a competent person to detect any defects that are, or might become, dangerous. In addition to the flagpole itself the examination includes all attachments used to anchor, fix or support the flagpole including wires, stays, brackets, bolts, hinges and base-plates.

Many defects are repairable on-site without requiring additional call-outs, however some are not. Please ensure that we have access to a decision-maker on the day of our visit so that action can be promptly authorised, thus saving you money.

Remember that flagpoles deemed to be in a dangerous state, and for which no restorative action is authorised, will need to be felled and made safe.

What is a competant person?

A competent person:

  • should have enough appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of flagpoles that they can detect defects or weaknesses, and assess how important they are in relation to the safety and continued use of it;
  • should not be the same person who performs routine maintenance as they would be responsible for assessing their own work;
  • should be sufficiently independent and impartial to make objective decisions;
  • may be employed by a separate company.

Firefighters remove Exeter Guildhall flagpole broken by storm

Photo: Danes Castle Fire Station, Exeter.

What makes the MrFlag® team competent?

Our lead flagpole contractor has almost 25 years of relevant hands-on flagpole experience, and is

  • LOLER certified.
  • COSHH certified.
  • MrFlag® certified.
  • Fully insured.

MrFlag® is Wales' oldest and best known flag brand, with 99% of 1000+ reviews on Trustpilot 'Excellent' or 'Great'.