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Why to Choose MrFlag 

We're the oldest and best known flagmaker in Wales and the UK's top ranked flagmaker on Trustpilot.

A multi award winning independent family business currently training up our third generation of vexillographers, we're still led day to day by our founder, so buy flags from us with confidence. MrFlag® is the most experienced flagmaker in Wales, and the only flagmaker owned and operated by a Fellow of the Flag Institute. As well as being the Institute's longest registered trade member in Wales, we are also proud to be members of NAVA (the North American Vexillological Association).

We've been named “Official flagmaker of Wales and the Welsh" by AUOB Cymru and “Official flagmaker of Prides all across Wales" by Pride Cymru and with our Grŵp Baner Cymru crew we can often be seen carrying our giant flag rigs at marches, protests, and celebrations throughout Wales. We also fund and support our Social Flag Project® through which we make, donate and fly flags of charitable causes on unused civic flagpoles throughout Wales.

As the first flagmaker in the British Isles to trade via the internet we empowered people to buy flags online for the first time, and we have a long and proud history of helping ordinary citizens speak truth to power through the peaceful use of flags and banners. Our flags are made using fabrics that meet British standards, specifically people love our Welsh Flag. We have a thing for underdogs and democratic arguments based on fact and truth, so we are cause-driven and apolitical. Don't be surprised if you can't tag as belonging to one specific part of the political spectrum. We're neither left nor right – nor in the centre.

Buy flags. Buy quality flags lovingly made by Wales’ oldest, best-known, and top-rated flag brand. Helping people with wind since 1992. Find out more on our about us page.

Buy flags online, buy quality flags.