A range of flags design by a resident of Jersey. Following a speech by Guernsey’s former Chief Minister Gavin St Pier on 8th February 2023 we have elected to refer to these islands as Crown Dominions.

A new reign is a good time for some fresh thinking so a flag has been designed to represent all three of the Crown Dominions.

Thus the islands of Man, Jersey and Guernsey (the latter with its dependencies of Alderney and Sark) are all represented for the first time on this handsome new flag.

They are British but not part of the UK so a defaced blue ensign has been chosen, symbolising a connection to Britain but not necessarily membership of the UK – as the residents of Fiji, Australia and New Zealand will confirm.

Ensigns are associated by some with British colonies, which the islands never were, but they all happily use a defaced red ensign as their maritime flags, so any qualms about colonial symbolism are misplaced. Rather as a blue ensign this new flag symbolises three maritime communities, each of which has an intimate relationship with the sea.

The ensign is defaced with a badge showing the arms of each of the islands that has legislative competence of its own.

The arms are arranged around the cypher of the Monarch as their close personal relationship with the Crown is what they all have in common.

Because of its circular design the badge can rotate so that arms of the island in which the flag is to be flown appear at the top.

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