Traditional Mourning Ribbon / Cravat

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£5.40 £7.20


If you’re unable to half-mast your flag during a period of mourning, you can use one of our traditional mourning ribbons. Fitted with a single eyelet and measuring 152x17cm (5ft x 6½in), simply attach the ribbon to the fixing point at the top left of your flag and allow it fly free as a visible mark of respect. MrFlag® Mourning Ribbons are lightweight; flying either one or two with a flag works equally well.

This is our basic version; please email if you need a different size or text/decoration.

  • Flag NOT included. You will receive the mourning ribbon only.
  • 5ft x 6½in / 152x17cm
  • Double stitched hem.
  • One metal eyelet.
  • 80gsm woven polyester.
  • Imported.
  • Black headband.

IMPORTANT: Standard MrFlag® Mourning Ribbons have small white text at the hoist end reading “MOURNING RIBBON. Attach to top hoist corner of your flag”. This text is next to invisible when in use.

Additional information

Weight 80 g