MrFlag® are Wales’ oldest, best known and highest-rated flag brand.


  • Registered with the Flag Institute since 1992.
  • Originally a tongue-in-cheek reference to owner Charles Ashburner ‘MrFlag’ first took flesh as a flag-wielding Roman centurion for the launch of the brand’s first eCommerce site in 1995; the UK’s very first online flag shop.
  • By the start of 2001 the Roman centurion had been replaced by a John Bull character and the MrFlag brand – now using the mrflag.com domain – started going from strength to strength.
  • In 2004 MrFlag was listed by the Wales on Sunday newspaper as one of eleven top Welsh brands, alongside names such as the Millennium Stadium, Ty Nant water, Kelloggs, Groggs, Femidom, and Montagne Jeunesse.
  • In 2007 the third MrFlag character was created to coincide with the first formal registration of a MrFlag trademark UK00002452343.
  • Additional registrations UK00002631815 followed in 2012, with protection for the #forpeoplewithwind Twitter hashtag (UK00003050829) coming in 2014.
  • The current logo has been in use since November 2013.
  • We’ve been on Twitter since 2009 and on Facebook since 2011.

Our current logo has been in use since 2013.

The original MrFlag character was a Roman centurion named… ‘Cedric’.

The brand has been named ‘MrFlag’ since 2001

MrFlag’s first registered trademark included this image.


  • Our Facebook page has approximately five times as many likes as our nearest competitor. 10,304 compared to 2,147 (20 October 2019).
  • Our Twitter feed has approximately seven times as many followers as our nearest competitor. 7,580 compared to 1,052 (20 October 2019).
  • A Google news search for the term MrFlag results in 11 flag-related news articles. The same search using the name of our nearest competitor results in 3 flag-related news articles. (20 October 2019). A Google news search of MrFlag’s owner Charles Ashburner returns 160+ flag-related news articles. A comparable search for any of the aliases of the owner of our nearest competitor results in more articles, but fewer relating to flags.
  • MrFlag is referenced in the definitive The Red Dragon: The story of the Welsh Flag by Sion Jobbins (2016).
  • Based on a comparative analysis of the preceding 28 days (conducted 22 October 2019MrFlag® clocked 1425 reactions+comments+shares on Twitter, compared to 48 for our nearest competitor over the same period.
  • MrFlag® is the only flag brand in Wales with a physical shop in a major population centre which customers can visit during working hours without an appointment,
  • The MrFlag® brand and name is so well known globally that it has been stolen and is currently being used (along with a version of our 2007 logo) by a flag shop in Irbil, Iraq. They are unconnected to us, but as they appear to be directing people to our website we have not yet taken any action to prevent it.


  • MrFlag® is rated 4.8 out of 5 on Facebook, compared to 3.9 out of 5 for the next ranked flag company in Wales (20 October 2019).
  • MrFlag® is rated 4.9 out of 5 from 89 reviews on Trustpilot, compared to 4.4 out of 5 from 50 reviews for the next ranked flag company in Wales (20 October 2019).
  • In January 2019 MrFlag® was named ‘Official flagmaker of Wales and the Welsh’ by AUOBCymru.
  • MrFlag® was named ‘Best Flag Brand 2019 – Wales’  at the UK Enterprise Awards.
  • MrFlag® was named ‘Online Flag Retailer of the Year’ for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019)  at the Welsh Enterprise Awards.
  • MrFlag® was named ‘Flag Store of the Year’  at Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2019


Seriously? Just look at us!

MrFlag® is an independent, 100% Welsh-owned, brand created and owned by husband and wife team Charles Ashburner FFI and Jo Ashburner, MA (CBT) BA(Hons) 1st Class and operated under licence by 1415 Limited. 


We are in no way associated with this person aka this person