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Packs include outdoor quality printed and sewn flags with various fittings (including metal eyelets, rope and wood toggle, sleeve, or unfitted – and some have antifray netting). Also budget flags (3x2ft or 5x3ft) and bunting (3m, 6m, or 9m lengths). These are cancelled, returned or unclaimed orders, overstocked or old designs, items with colour-shade imperfections, prototype or obsolete designs, country, sporting and regional designs and even unidentified heraldic designs. Flags in these packs may or may not have packaging. All flags are complete, undamaged and unused.

All packs are sold as randomly-selected mystery packs. We do not guarantee that you will receive anything specific – or that you will find anything you want in any pack that you buy. Packs are sold at a nominal price to cover processing and postage and each has an approximate retail value of £50 to £250. Refunds, returns, exchanges or special requests will not be accepted.

Please do not buy these packs if you do not accept and agree to these terms.

Pack One Contains

  • 2 outdoor quality printed or sewn flags
  • 2 different lengths of bunting
  • 1 budget flag

Pack Two Contains

  • 4 outdoor quality printed or sewn flags
  • 4 different lengths of bunting
  • 2 budget flags

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