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St David's Day Flag

st david's day flag gold cross on black

St David’s Day Flag is a gold cross on a black field that represents the patron saint of Wales, St David. This Flag is the Welsh equivalent to St George’s Flag, St Andrew’s Flag, and Saint Patrick’s Flag and is flown to represent Wales in the same way as the Welsh Red Dragon Flag.

Black and Gold have long been associated with St David. Although the origin of the flag is unknown, it was adopted as the colours of the Lampeter campus of the University of Wales Trinity St David in 1888 and is also used in the Diocese of St Davids which is a diocese of the Church in Wales. The current cathedral which was built in 1181 stands on the site of a monastery founded in the 6th century by St David.

St David’s Day Flag

The Flag is mostly flown on March 1st or St David’s Day throughout Wales. The 1st of March was the date of St David’s death in 589 AD. He was known for helping found 12 monasteries and for being a teacher of Christianity.

Buy the best outdoor quality flags

MrFlag® best quality outdoor printed St David's Day flags are among the most versatile and best value flags on the market. Manufactured by us to produce optimum flying weights from top quality materials, our knitted polyester option is a fantastic combination of fly-ability and durability. For an even more durable option, try our exclusive Rhyfelwr™ polyester.

We expect our durable outdoor quality printed flags to last as well as sewn flags whilst flying much better at lower wind speeds. In our view, heavier sewn flags appear to last longer only because they spend less time flying in light wind.

If another flag maker claims that sewn flags last longer than MrFlag durable outdoor quality printed flags for the same number of visible flying hours, challenge them to provide the test data!

Bold vivid colours on both sides of the flag.

St David’s Day Flag

Our colours are bright and vivid. We start with vibrant RGB art and lay down our own 8 colour bi-directional print onto the fabric, forcing far more ink through the weave than many of our competitors.

Most flag makers in the UK and across Europe send out flags with 75-85% show-through on the reverse – while some produce as little as 50-60% after tempting you with super-low prices.

Our flags regularly test as 95% show-through; a difference which is very nearly indistinguishable to the untrained eye.

Poor show-though on flags is almost always the result of cutting corners with ink volumes or value-adding processes.

'Anti fray' netting option.

Choosing the Antifray option results in a piece of white netting being sewn to the right edge of an outdoor flag. However, there is no statistical evidence to support this theory. We believe this is an unnecessary expense, which in some cases achieves the opposite result. We offer an ‘antifray‘ option ONLY because customers occasionally insist on it. Furthermore, we do not recommend it.

Made to order.

St David's Day durable outdoor quality printed flags are made to order and customers should allow 5-7 days for them to be manufactured and despatched. If your order is time-sensitive, please tell us at the time of ordering.

Product features.

  • Our best quality flag.
  • Recommended for regular outdoor use.
  • Durable Rhyfelwr™ option for extended outdoor use.
  • Our colours are bright and vibrant.
  • Double stitched hem.
  • Choice of fittings.
  • Anti fray netting option.
  • Best value industry-standard 110-115gsm knitted polyester.
  • Exclusive extra durable Rhyfelwr™ polyester.
  • Flame-retardant and labelled as such.
  • Colourfast. Our colours do not run when wet.

How long do MrFlag flags last?

No flag lasts for ever. This is a universal truth.

St David's Day Flag

Even quality flags as durable and well-made as ours will succumb to high winds. The stronger and more frequent the wind, the sooner your flag will need to be replaced. This is normal wear and tear.

We have received reports that standard 110-115gsm knitted polyester flags last 12-18 months or longer, but that is not the norm. Many customers need to replace their flags every six months or so and most within a year, but in the winter – especially during sustained high winds – this can be much less.

You can increase the life of any flag by taking it down at night.  Avoid flying it during periods of severe weather. You can also ensure that the flagpole is free of rough patches and protrusions upon which the flag can catch.

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MrFlag® is the only flag maker in the world operated by a Fellow of the Flag Institute. This doesn't imply any particular endorsement of us by them (or vice versa) – though we have been a registered trade member since 1992 – it's just a fact.

MrFlag® was also the very first flag maker in the UK to sell flags online. We've been the top rated flag maker in Wales on Trustpilot since 2018.

Find out more about these (and other) claims, on our About Us page.

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