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Product Description

MrFlag® brand professional quality flags are the most versatile and best value flags on the market in the UK today. Combining top of the range materials and optimum flying weights, these flags last as well as traditional sewn flags but fly much better at lower wind speeds.

Manufactured using flame-retardant 115gsm knitted polyester and fitted with rope and toggle as standard, MrFlag® Brand professional quality flags can be fitted with metal eyelets or a sleeve at no extra charge. Please specify when ordering.

These flags are printed to order. Allow 7 days for despatch.


1. Make your purchase online. Remember to complete your purchase before uploading artwork

2. Click here to upload your artwork. This opens a new browser window.

3. If you don’t have an artwork file simply email your instructions to or telephone 01792 650044

4. Use your name or your order number as your upload subject line, and be sure to include any special instructions in the body of your email.

5. We will prepare your artwork proof free of charge (in most cases) and email you a PDF proof to amend or approve.

6. Once you have approved the artwork, we manufacture and deliver your flag.


Heavier sewn flags appear to last longer only because they spend less time flying. If your sewn-flag supplier claims that sewn flags are more durable on like-for-like tests, challenge them to provide the research data.


Please tell us if you don’t want your new custom flag promoted on and @mrflag when complete

Additional Information


If you have any questions or wish to check the suitability of your artwork before placing an order, contact

Construction Information

Standard custom flags are constructed using a single layer of fabric. The design is printed onto one side of this layer and shows through clearly to the second side as a mirror image. The vast majority of business- and personal-use custom flags are made using this method, including designs incorporating text. Double sided custom flags are constructed using two layers of fabric. The same design is printed onto both layers, which are then sewn back to back. This method allows text-heavy designs to be read correctly from both sides, however double sided flags are at least twice as heavy as Standard single-layer flags and therefore require a lot more wind to fly. Light colour double sided flags with dark designs can suffer from 'show-through' (where the shadow of the design from one layer is visible behind the design on the other layer). We do not recommend double sided flags. Blockout Interliner is a third layer of fabric sandwiched between the two printed sides of a double-sided flag. It negates the 'show-through' effect (where the shadow of the design from one layer is visible behind the design on the other layer). This additional layer results in a very heavy flag and is not always 100% effective in certain bright light conditions. Blockout interliner can change the visible shade of white (or other light colour) flags.

Artwork (Standard)

The quality of the design on your finished custom flag depends on the quality of the artwork used to print it. If you take a tiny low quality image off the internet and tell us to print it onto a 152x91cm flag, we will. Ultimately the responsibility is yours, but we are here to help you. Here’s how: 1. If you have an image and you’re not sure how good it is, email it to us at and ask. We’ll look at it and let you know what we think. 2. After receiving your paid order and artwork we’ll prepare a full size pdf proof and email it to you to check. Examine this proof on 100% magnification. This will show how elements of the design will look when you have the full size flag in your hand. Remember: just because your design looks slightly pixelated close-up doesn't mean it won’t be fine for a flag flying 6m up in the air. You must check this proof. We won’t start work on your flag until you confirm that you’re happy. 3. If you don’t have a picture of the design you want, but you can describe it (e.g. “a gold shell outlined in black with the text ‘Sue’s Seashell Sales’ in blue all on a white background”) we’ll draw it for you free of charge. This offer is not universal and does not apply to complex design (for which an additional charge may be made). We will only create free artwork for you once you have placed and paid for the flag to which it relates. Text is always free (unless you ask us for a font we don’t have or can’t draw and which you can’t supply). 4. We can draw most simple shapes (houses, animals, vehicles etc.) free of charge. 5. We can’t draw ‘ideas’. Please don’t ask us to come up with a design representing anger, or love etc. 6. We can’t improve photographs. If you send us a poor quality photograph to print it will stay poor quality. If you send us a very small poor quality photograph, by the time we've enlarged it to the size of your flag it will look worse not better. We can and do print good quality photographs very successfully. A photograph taken directly off your digital camera’s memory card is usually fine, but the same photograph once it has been reduced for use on a website usually won’t be fine.

Artwork (Advanced)

Our preference is for CMYK vector artwork with all text converted to outlines and a 5cm bleed, supplied as a pdf, ai, or eps. We use Adobe Illustrator CS6. If you’re using Photoshop or a program generating bitmaps, please supply your artwork at least 25% of size at 300dpi.

We can make any flag. Please telephone 01792 650044 to discuss your requirements.