The Molzahn Collection of American Revolutionary War-Era Flags.

Ken and Sue Molzahn have begun a uniquely American display to honour the American Revolution War – Era (1765 -1783) by flying over 160 flags, to date, down their long driveway.

“We live in the beautiful Ozarks, in rural Missouri, along a rather busy highway,” Sue explains. “So suddenly seeing our Flagway, along our 200 meter long driveway, is very impressive.”

The Molzahn’s have the largest display of:

  1. American pre-war colonial protest flags; militia, regimental, dragoon, naval ensigns, garrison and 13-star US flag variations;
  2. French regimental and naval ensigns;
  3. Spanish regimental, militia and naval ensigns,
  4. Native American tribal flags (all obviously modern, as Indian tribes did not have flags of course) to honour these forgotten allies who fought with both the American ‘rebels’ and Spanish colonial forces;
  5. Hessian Regimental flags.

British Regiments of Foot and Loyalist flags are being honoured and added for the summer of 2020.

New flags for 2020 on Ken and Sue Molzahn's 'Flagway', Missouri, USA.

“We are thrilled to be in partnership with Charles and, his company, MrFlag." said Ken. “By adding his mind-blowing replicas of British and Loyalist Regiments of Foot standards we’ll bring our total of displayed flags to over 200!"

“We are so proud to honor the British and Scottish souls who fought and perished under the King’s Colors and regimental standards in North America so many years ago!” Ken said proudly.

The Molzahn’s have the largest display of flags related to the American Revolutionary War-Era in the World.  


  1. Can you tell me about what Hessian flags you have available?

    1. Hello,
      We have reply to you via email.

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