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The 1st Online Flag Retailer in the UK.

Registered with the Flag Institute since 1992, and originally a tongue-in-cheek reference to owner Charles Ashburner MrFlag™ first took flesh as a flag-wielding Roman centurion for the launch of the brand’s first eCommerce site in 1995; the UK’s very first online flag shop.

By the start of 2001 the Roman centurion had been replaced by a John Bull character and the MrFlag™ brand – now using the mrflag.com domain – started going from strength to strength.

In 2004 MrFlag™ was listed by the Wales on Sunday newspaper as one of eleven top Welsh brands, alongside names such as the Millennium Stadium, Ty Nant water, Kelloggs, Groggs, Femidom, and Montagne Jeunesse.

In 2007 the third MrFlag™ character was created to coincide with the first formal registration of a MrFlag® trademark UK00002452343.

Additional registrations for MrFlag® and MrFlags® UK00002631815 followed in 2012, with protection for the #forpeoplewithwind® Twitter hashtag (UK00003050829) coming in 2014, and the Social Flag Project® (UK00003174528) in 2016. MrsFlag® (UK00003197875) was registered in 2017 to protect the name from misuse by an unscrupulous trader.

The current logo has been in use since November 2013.

We believe we were the first UK flag company to use Twitter (Feb 2009). We’ve been on Facebook since 2011 and Instagram since 2015.

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